Close up picture of French horn
Close up picture of French horn

Southeast Wisconsin’s Local Music Store

Our Philosophy

Stop into any one of our multiple locations across Southeast Wisconsin and you’ll find something special – from helpful and friendly sales associates to an extensive selection of musical instruments, accessories, and sheet music. Each location has a little different feel because it’s rooted in its community and school relationships. But we all share something in common – our core philosophy.

Play it. Protect it. Learn it. Love it.

That’s our motto at White House of Music. Why the emphasis on the last one? Because that’s what music is all about. A passion, a drive, an expression of yourself. Helping you learn to play in and of itself is not our goal. Helping you Love it is the experience of creating Music for Life, and that’s our passion!

As you shop in one of our four retail stores, you’ll find signs throughout the displays that help you do just that. Our stores are organized to make sure you get everything you need to Play it. Protect it. Learn it. Love it.

As we’ve grown and expanded, we’ve brought Music for Life to each community we serve.

History of White House of Music

Your Community Music Store

When we started…we were Waukesha’s community music store. Now, we are your community music store. Whether you live in Waukesha, Brookfield, Watertown, West Bend, or any of the surrounding communities, White House of Music has become a household name in large part due to our school relationships and band and orchestra rental programs. The commitment to the community started years ago with the first generation White and continues today. Learn more about our beginnings and growth since 1953!

Cool Timeline

1953 – Our Beginnings
White House of Music Old Waukesha Location

In 1953, band director Bruce White, along with Bob Sommers, started our first store, Waukesha House of Music in downtown Waukesha.

1963 – White House of Music Name!
Jerry White at his desk

In 1961, Jerry White joined the business and bought out Bruce’s portion in 1963, enabling Bruce to return to full-time teaching. Jerry changed the name of the business to White House of Music, Inc. and spent the next 23 years building and improving the business.

1967 – Roger White & Waukesha Music Center Merger
Roger White at the store counter

In 1967, Roger White joined the staff as a salesperson with the responsibility of developing the school music business. After 25 years of service to the company, Jerry White decided to retire, and Roger purchased his portion of the business. Shortly after Roger became president, the White House of Music merged with its longtime, friendly competitor, The Waukesha Music Center. Inventory was moved to the Grand Avenue location in 1987.

1992 – Springdale Road Facility
Waukesha Grand Opening 1992

In November 1992, White House of Music moved into a 20,000 square foot, custom-designed building on Springdale Road near the Interstate.

1993 – Named All-Star Team

In July 1993, White House of Music, Inc. was named to the All-Star Team of the Top 20 music stores in the USA by Music, Inc. Magazine. The Company has rated in the Top 200 every year since by Music Trades.

1997- Alliance of Independent Music Merchants

Third-generation family member Christopher White became a minority owner of White House of Music in February 1997. Later, he became vice president and led the company in a positive direction by joining the Alliance of Independent Music Merchants.

1997- Watertown Location
Watertown Location

Around that time, White House added a second location in Watertown to maintain a stronghold in the company’s band and orchestra division as well as capitalize on the growing community and its needs for musical products and services. White House of Music has been a presence in the Watertown area since 1968, through its service to the area schools.

2001 – Christopher White’s Leadership
Chris White

In July 2001, Christopher acquired the remaining shares of White House of Music and became its president and CEO. Tracy White was named Secretary and Roger and Lynn White remained on the Board of Directors.

2001 – West Bend Location

Within a month, the company purchased GW Music, Inc. of West Bend. The West Bend store name was changed to White House of Music, Inc., moved to its current location on Main street in the fall of 2014, and continues to offer a full selection of music products, repair, and lessons.

2007 – Beihoff Music Merger, Germantown and Wauwatosa Locations
Beihoff Music

In June 2007, White House of Music merged with their long-time competitor, Beihoff Music Company, which was founded in 1924. This added locations in Germantown and Wauwatosa. With the merger, White House of Music broadened its reach within the eight-county greater metropolitan Milwaukee region, while also strengthening and enhancing the services and products available to customers at each of the five retail locations.

2009 – Online Rental Launched

As technology continued to grow, the White House of Music wanted to ensure they are creating a convenient experience for people to rent instruments. Thus, online rentals launched, making it easier than ever before to pick your instrument and get practicing!

2010 – First Off-site Storage Facility

In 2010, White House of Music rented their first off site warehouse facility to support growing need for stores and schools.

2015 – Foundation Began

With a commitment to provide “Music for Life” to students, musicians, educators, and families throughout Wisconsin, the White House of Music Foundation was created in 2015 to create more opportunities for people to play, love, and be inspired by music – regardless of location, income, or other limitations.

2016 – Hartland Location
Hartland Music

In 2016, White House of Music acquired the retail, rental, and repair operation of Hartland Music, offering band and orchestra rentals and products directly to the Hartland community, which has a great tradition of supporting music education. In early 2021, White House of Music merged its retail section at Hartland with the Waukesha store and Hartland Piano expanded their piano showroom.

2019 – National Association of Music Merchants
National Association of Music Merchants Executive Committee

In July 2019 Chris White was nominated for an eight year term with the NAMM Executive Committee.

2022 – Brookfield Location
Brookfield Storefront Picture

In 2022, White House of Music moved its Wauwatosa location into a new, beautiful store located on West Capitol Drive in Brookfield. This location features 18 teaching studios, a large retail showroom, and a convenient location with ample parking. The Brookfield location also offers more space for music lessons, instrument selections, print music, and accessories. This modern, well-equipped facility is dedicated to supporting students, educators, and families with its expansive selection and central location. The store is easily accessible on Capitol Drive, a major thoroughfare for customers in Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Germantown, Menomonee Falls, Pewaukee, Butler, Milwaukee, and other nearby cities.

Guitar Selection - Waukesha

Today, White House of Music offers an array of music products and services through multiple locations across Southeast Wisconsin. We sell band and orchestra instruments, digital pianos and keyboards, guitars, amps, drums and percussion instruments, print music, and accessories. Our e-commerce site makes it easy and convenient to order instrument accessories. A staff of professional instrument repair technicians provide excellent care and maintenance of your musical instruments. White House of Music continues to be a strong proponent of music education, offering in-store lessons from private teachers, affordable instrument rentals, and innovative music education and enrichment programs tailored for infants through seniors.


As our service area has expanded, we continue to see the importance of remaining a Community Music Store. We look forward to furthering the White House Mission of providing “Music for Life” to all of our customers at an individualized, personal, and community relationship level across all of our locations.

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