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Instrument Rental Pricing and Policies

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Online. Easy. Delivered. That’s the promise of our rental program. Because there are so many benefits – like earning credit towards the purchase of a future instrument and enrolling in a maintenance and repairs program, we’ve got a simple list of frequently asked questions for you here.

Before leasing an instrument through the White House of Music, we ask that you review the pricing and policies. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information:

Contact us or call:

Waukesha – (262) 798-9700
Brookfield – (262) 347-3000
Watertown – (920) 261-0700
West Bend – (262) 334-4426



Read more in the sections below to learn how you can earn up to a 40% discount on Lease to Learn band instruments, 100% equity on Lease to Learn orchestra instruments!

Lease to Learn Prices & Policies


Monthly leases start as low as $26 per month. Prices vary based on instrument chosen and length of your lease.

Lease Length

Instruments can be leased by using two different plans of varying lengths:

Monthly Lease Plan – This plan allows you to pay your lease month to month. The initial payment covers the first two months of the lease. Following the two month term, your credit card is auto-billed monthly on the same day of the month, or your direct checking withdrawal will occur on one of two billing days, selected by White House. The benefit is there is less cash up front and the rest are simple payments handled by White House of Music until the lease is terminated.

Annual Plan – This lease is one payment that covers the lease for 12 months. You will be notified at the end of the contract period about options for continuing your lease. If you were to cancel your lease before the lease term is complete, refunds will be pro-rated through month 8 from the date of your contract. No refunds after month 8.  

Refunds – If you terminate your lease early. Refunds are based on the type of agreement you signed. All agreements are for a minimum of 2 months.

Monthly Rental Customers: No prorated refunds as your contract is month to month.   


We have flexible options for paying for your instrument rental. Depending on the lease length selected, billing can be done in different ways.

Monthly Lease Plan – You are automatically billed monthly, so you must use a credit card or set up a direct withdrawal from a checking account.

Annual Plan – You make one payment upfront that can be done online with a credit card or in store with a credit card, check, or cash. 

Return Lease

Simply follow these instructions to return your lease.

Equity and Discounts

Throughout your Lease to Learn rental, you can earn equity or discounts towards the purchase of an instrument.

Orchestral Strings – Earn 100% equity for two years, plus 50% equity of anything that goes beyond two years in a continuous contract. Please be aware that if you return your instrument and cancel your lease, any accrued lease equity that you have earned will be erased. If you resume renting again in the fall, you will be considered a new renter and will begin earning equity again.

Band Instruments – Earn up to 40% off of manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a new instrument.

Get started on your instrument rental to get more information.

When should you buy an instrument?

If while renting an instrument your child has shown that they are enjoying playing and are likely to continue for their school years and beyond it is probably time to buy a new instrument. We offer a selection of instruments to fit your budget and to advance your young musician’s enjoyment of playing music.  Stop at any of our stores to have your child try an instrument or two and a professional sales associate will assist you in your choice.

Shop for new or used instrument today in one of our 4 locations, and schedule a private shopping session if you would like one-on-one assistance! For our orchestral strings players, we invite you to visit the String Shoppe, a section of the Waukesha location that has instrument and accessories that caters exclusively your needs.

School Delivery

For many band and orchestra programs, we deliver instruments and supplies right to your school’s doorstep! When using our online instrument rental option, your instrument and any books, music stands, and supplies purchased along with the instrument can be delivered to most schools that are found on our rental website’s list.

Students and teachers can also use our online store to order supplies, sheet music, and more. By giving us a call, we can help you arrange your online store purchase to be delivered to most schools along with your musician’s instrument!

No Obligation

We know that not every student decides to pursue music, so we don’t have you make commitments to the instrument your child chooses. After the first three months, you can exchange for a different instrument or simply return your instrument to cancel the rental.

For our annual plan customers, refunds will be pro-rated through month 8 from the date of your contract. No refunds after month 8.

Quality of Rental Instrument

The instrument you will be renting is high quality, well playing and teacher approved.  While it is not new, it is maintained by our professional repair staff to assure each instrument will support your child’s experience learning to play.  It is great instrument to learn on and begin advancing as a musician. Our rental instruments are generally not available for purchase.

Maintenance and Repair Q&A

Maintenance & Repair Coverage

Add a Maintenance & Repair Coverage Plan to your rental for the following services:

  • General coverage for your rental or privately-owned instrument
  • Complementary annual inspection and cleaning
  • Repairs of dents, cracks, and worn parts due to natural wear and tear at no additional charge
  • 100% off replacement mouthpieces, strings, and bowhair
  • No deductible and no maximum
  • 100% coverage against fire and theft*

*Fire and Theft coverage is in cooperation with your household insurance for rental instruments only. See associate for details.

Typical Repair Costs

Add a Maintenance & Repair coverage plan to your rental for rates as low as $5 per month*! You will have the option to add this plan while renting online, or one of our sales associates will help you when selecting your instrument in store!

*Pricing may vary by instrument. Some restrictions apply. Instruments must be inspected by our repair technicians before Maintenance & Repair coverage will be granted. We reserve the right to deny coverage to an instrument. All instruments rented from White House of Music are eligible for Maintenance and Repair coverage at any time upon approval of our repair technicians. See associate for more details.

Turnaround Time

Repair estimates can usually be made during daytime hours and most instruments are repaired and returned within a week, excluding the summer and fall peak seasons. During our peak seasons, repairs can take 3+ weeks. We always try to take playing and performance needs into consideration.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Repairs can be dropped off and picked up at any of our locations, or we can arrange a drop off and pick up at school. We visit most schools once a week – just let us know your needs!

Play Testing

All instruments are play tested before they leave the shop, meaning you don’t get home with an instrument that sounds like it was never fixed!

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