Upgrade Instruments
Upgrade Instruments

High-Quality and Professional Instrument for Advancing Musicians

Upgrade Your Rental Instrument

Marching Band. Jazz Band. Chamber Orchestra. Solo Ensemble. These passions are so much more than a class at school; they have become a regular part of life in your household! Remember the days when your child was just learning to play? And the sounds – the good and the bad – of emerging talent! Look how far they’ve come!

Your son or daughter has advanced in their talents so much, but are they still playing that same instrument they started on? As students advance, we make purchasing an upgraded instrument affordable as a way for you to reward their dedication and give them the gift of Music for Life! Teens can be hard to shop for…a high-level instrument is a great way for a parent, a grandparent, or a loved one to say:

  • Thank you for helping out at home, I couldn’t do it without you
  • You’ve worked hard at school, you deserve this
  • Happy Birthday, from mom and dad
  • Congratulations on getting into college
  • You can achieve anything you put your mind to
  • I love you and the adult you are becoming

Give the advancing student a high-level instrument.



We want to make purchasing your next instrument as easy and affordable as possible. That’s why we give you three ways to pay!



Offer applies to select Yamaha instruments purchased on Friday, November 29 (Black Friday) and Saturday, December 14.

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Why Should I Upgrade My Instrument?

Solo Ensemble. College auditions. State competitions. Band & orchestra performances. Improving chair position. Or simply a genuine love and passion for music.

As an advancing musician, you’ll start to notice that a beginner instrument can only get you so far. We created our Lease to Learn rental program to be affordable, but likely not an instrument you’ll play forever. It might be time to upgrade your instrument if you’re looking for the following:

Greater Playability

Better instruments have better playability – from grip and piston action, to the ribbed construction of key mechanisms, your student will appreciate the greater playability of these high-level instruments.

Better Tone

The material quality of these instruments provides a superior sound to starter instruments. From extended ranges to brighter, warmer, fuller tones, you’ll notice an immediate difference with a high-level instrument.

Enhanced Technique

As musicians advance, higher-level instruments help them hone their technique. Enjoy the extended ranges, open holes, and advanced fingering options, as well as more delicate responsive nature of our quality instruments.

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