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Music Programs for Seniors & Retirees

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Enjoying retirement or the calm and quiet of being an empty nester? Looking for a new way to have fun and meet new people? Join the New Horizons Band for senior adults and retirees. Playing music from the past helps us keep in touch with those nostalgic feelings, daily practices keep us active in the present, and striving for new goals attaches us to the future! Learn what New Horizons Band is all about:

  • Make friends
  • Enjoy performance opportunities
  • Strive for a new goal
  • Maintain mental and physical health
  • Participate in traveling music institutes
  • Start an affordable retirement hobby
  • Get a great value – Just $75/Trimester

New adult students learn quickly! And, if you played an instrument earlier in life, you’ll be amazed at how much you will remember!

Sit in on an upcoming rehearsal to see if New Horizons Band is right for you! Every Wednesday at 10:15am in Waukesha.

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Playing a Musical Instrument in Retirement

Getting Started with New Horizons Band of Southeast Wisconsin

The first step is attending an open house at White House of Music. You’ll get your questions answered, have a chance to meet some of the other members of the band, and get started selecting an instrument. People choose their instrument based on a variety of reasons. Whether you are relearning to play an instrument you played earlier in life, choosing something new with a sound or look you like, picking up an instrument for the first time, or simply filling a gap in our current band membership, there are dozens of options. While selecting an instrument, keep in mind that in a very small number of cases, physical characteristics of some instruments may make them more difficult to play for some individuals. Options can be discussed with your teacher or band director! Here’s how you can obtain an instrument!

Guy restringing a guitar

Use Your Own - Get Repairs if Needed!

If you already own an instrument, it’s time to put it to good use. Before you start band, be sure to bring that instrument into White House of Music to ensure it’s in excellent working condition. It can be frustrating to learn on an instrument that’s in need of maintenance or repair. Our repair team can make sure it’s in tip-top shape!

Trombone selection at the Waukesha store

Rent an Instrument

White House of Music rents instruments for a very reasonable monthly fee and it’s usually possible to exchange for another instrument. As you are renting, earn discounts or equity towards to purchase of a new instrument when you decide to make Music for Life!

Student playing the piano

Buy an Instrument

Once you’re certain of your instrument choice, our staff can help you select the one that’s right for you and your budget. We recommend that you learn the basics on your chosen instrument before making a purchase. Stop into any one of our 4 retail locations or schedule an appointment for one on one service.

Southeast Wisconsin’s Senior Band

About the New Horizon’s Band

The New Horizons Band is an international organization of over 150 bands focusing on players aged 55 and over. They reach musicians of all skill levels who either want to keep on playing or who have never played an instrument before joining. For many of us music was set side for work and family demands until retirement.

Every New Horizons Band has a community sponsor who provides support in many ways. The White House of Music and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are the sponsors of our band – the New Horizons Band of Southeast Wisconsin. The band is self-supporting through a fee levied each trimester.  The current fee is $75.00 or about $5.00 per week.  With this fee we provide a meeting place, conductors, music, bookkeeping services, and advertising.

We practice on Wednesdays from 10:30 to noon at the White House of Music, 2101 N. Springdale Road in Waukesha.  Stop in to see and hear what we are doing. You are welcome to sit-in or just observe. Then we hope you will join us every week.

The New Horizons Band performing