Lease to Learn Logo, Instrument Lease Program, Convenient, Fast, and Easy!
Lease to Learn Logo, Instrument Lease Program, Convenient, Fast, and Easy!

Band, Orchestra, and Other Musical Instrument Rental

Lease to Learn - Making Rentals Fast, Affordable & Easy!

“Mom, I chose band!” The phrase rings in your ears. If you are a musician yourself, it’s a pleasant and exciting sound. But if you’ve never played an instrument before, perhaps you feel a little like a deer in the headlights. The beauty of our Lease to Learn program…it’s easy, affordable, and convenient for ALL parents, not just those with a musical background!

As you choose your band, orchestra, or other musical instrument rental we’ll help you step-by-step through all the details, ensuring that you get exactly what your child needs to succeed. We’ve got you covered with:

We can all use a little more “easy” in life – that’s why our Lease to Learn program is available online, in any of our multiple locations across Southeast Wisconsin, and at your child’s school!


Rent an instrument from the comfort of your couch and get it delivered to your school!

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Director Approved, Parent and Student Friendly!

The Best in Student-Line Rental Instruments

Great Reasons to Rent from White House of Music

Wisconsin’s Best Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental

Online or In-Store

Get started renting a musical instrument online or at one of our 4 convenient locations. While not required, if you would like greater one-on-one assistance choosing an instrument we suggest you schedule an appointment.


Throughout your rental process, we’ll make music as easy as possible. Our system pulls all teacher supply lists, ensuring your child receives the accessories and supplies that your band or orchestra director requires.

School Delivery

For many band and orchestra programs, we offer school delivery for instruments and supplies. Students and teachers can use our online store to order supplies, sheet music, and more and have them delivered right to the school doorstep!

Build Equity and Earn Discounts

Throughout your Lease to Learn rental, you can earn equity towards the purchase of an instrument – up to 100% equity for orchestra rentals and 40% discount for band!*

Maintenance & Repair

Let’s face it…kids are tough on nice things. We offer an optional maintenance & repair program. Complete repair coverage, no deductible, and 100% coverage against fire and theft in conjunction with your household insurance.

No Obligation

We know that not every student decides to pursue music. Unlike the snowboard in the closet, there are no commitments. Exchange for a different instrument or simply return your instrument to cancel the rental.*

*For all information on pricing and rental policies, click here.

Band and Orchestra Instruments and Accessories

5 Easy Steps to Rent an Instrument Online

Choose Your Program and School

Select your school district and then school. We have all the supplies and director preferences pre-loaded into our system! No need to track down the teacher’s shopping list!

Select Your Instrument

Select the instrument type from our comprehensive catalog. If your child has yet to select an instrument, visit one of our stores or attend a school demo night to explore your options!

Choose Accessories

Select accessories, supplies, cleaning, and care items as requested by your teacher. From Play-Now Packs, Music Stands, and our optional Maintenance & Repair plans, you can order it all online!

Choose Lease Plan

We give you flexible options for monthly leases or an annual program for greater discounts. Discounted annual rental plans must be paid in advance.

Pay & Await Delivery

That’s it. Once payment is made, we will deliver your rental instrument and supplies to your child’s school! Making life easy for busy moms and dads is our goal!

Working With School Band & Orchestra Directors

Our relationships with the school music programs are central to our mission. Dating back to 1953 when our founder, Bruce White, a local band director, started White House of Music, we realized that community involvement started in the schools…it was then and there that our Music For Life philosophy was born.

Since that time, we’ve expanded our School Services to make the lives of busy parents and band and orchestra directors easier through:

  • Demo nights at local schools
  • Free music folders for band and orchestra programs
  • School delivery service
  • Music educator resources & workshops
  • Repair services for school-owned instruments
  • Assistance in music department and district budgeting
  • Support for concerts and competitions
  • Advertising and sponsorship support


Rent from the Comfort of Your Couch

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