Students playing band instruments with instructor
Students playing band instruments with instructor

Musical Instrument Rental

Getting Started with Our Rental Programs

Whether you are scurrying to rent a flute the day before school begins or just looking to pickup the guitar again, renting an instrument at White House of Music is simple, easy, and affordable.

Offering a wide variety of instruments at low lease rates, you or your child can explore the world of music without hesitation. It’s a great program if you change your mind about the instrument you want to play and an even better one if you decide to make Music for Life! We offer:

Rent online or at any of our multiple locations across Southeast Wisconsin today!

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Introductory Programs, Leases for Advancing Musicians, and Purchase Options

Getting Started with Instrument Rentals

When we first started our instrument rental program, we designed it to be different. After a few years of most programs, other music stores allow you to buy the instrument you’ve been leasing. The one that has been banged up on the bus. That starter-instrument designed for the starter musician. The instrument you love…but maybe not the one you desire. So we did it differently; hence the term Lease to Learn. Get started on a quality student-level instrument now, and when the time is right, purchase a new musical instrument for your aspiring musician.

We cater to all music levels and rental needs so you can continue making “Music for Life!”

Violin Sizing chart. The first violin size, is the measurement to the middle of the palm. 4/4 Violin, 23.5 inches plus. 3/4 Violin, 22.25 inches. 1/2 Violin, 20.5 inches. 1/4 Violin, 18.5 inches. 1/8 Violin, 17 inches. 1/10 Violin, 15.5 inches. 1/16 Violin, 14.25 inches.
Viola sizing chart. Measurement, neck to the middle of the palm. Viola size 16.5 inches, 27.25 plus inches to the middle of the palm. Viola size 16 inches, 26.5 inches. Viola size 15.5 inches, 25.5 inches. Viola size 15 inches, 25 inches. Viola size 14 inches, 23.25 inches. Viola size 13 inches, 22 inches. Viola size 12 inches, 20.25 inches. Viola size 11 inches, 18.25 inches.
Cello sizing sheet. Cello size 4/4, Players height 62 inches plus. Cello size 3/4, Players height 54 to 62 inches. Cello size 1/2, Player height 48 to 54 inches. Cello size 1/4, Players height 44 to 48 inches. Cello size 1/8, Players height under 44 inches.
Size chart for String Bass. Base size 3/4, Players Height 62 Inches plus. Base size 1/2, Players height 54 to 62 inches. Base size 1/4, Players height 48 to 54 inches. Base size 1/8, Players height under 48 inches.
Up close Yamaha Trumpet

Beginner Musician

An affordable and easy student musician rental for band and orchestra, our Lease To Learn program allows your student to explore the world of music. We’ll help you find the right instrument and accessories, ensuring he or she has a great start to their musical journey!

Girl playing the marimba

Advancing Musician

As an advancing musician, it’s time to upgrade your beginner rental. You’ll notice a difference in tone and playability with our affordable, advanced instruments. And because you chose to rent with us, you’ve earned equity or discounts to apply to the purchase of your new instrument!

Student playing the piano

Buy an Instrument

If you’ve never rented with us before, we would still love to help you purchase an instrument… And we’ve made it easier than ever before! Shop for new or used instruments today in one of our 6 locations, and schedule a private shopping session for one-on-one assistance!