yamaha digital piano
yamaha digital piano

The Keyboard of All Keyboards

Clavinova Digital Pianos

Tone. Touch. Tech. That’s what you’ll love about Clavinova. This incredible lineup of digital pianos doesn’t sacrifice playability for affordability, nor does it compromise when it comes to providing some of the most attractive digital pianos for your home, church, school or music hall. With integrated Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial Grand, and hundreds of other high-quality instrument voices, you won’t believe the sound is coming from a keyboard!

As one of only a handful of local dealers, the selection of Clavinova digital pianos at our Waukesha and Watertown locations is unmatched. Our team’s knowledge keeps players of all skill levels coming back for more tips and tricks! Because with Clavinova there’s always something new to learn and explore!

You Won’t Believe What’s in a Clavinova!


Remarkable Tone & Touch

Known for their realistic playing experience, Clavinovas mimic their finest acoustic rivals

Listen & Learn

Onboard recording helps you playback, pick apart, and perfect your practice

Integrated Technology

With smart device integration and new Stream Lights feature, it’s the most tech in tunes

Superior Sound, Smaller Size

Enjoy the sound of a 9-foot concert grand piano in a fraction of the size

Volume Control & Headphones

Practice in peace with high-quality headphone sound and adjustable volume

No Tuning or Temperature Control

With “no strings attached,” there’s no need to tune or control room temperature or humidity

Cost Effective & Easy to Move

With fewer intricacies, digital pianos are more affordable and easier to move

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Our Digital Piano Selection

Clavinova Piano Lines

Yamaha Clavinova CVP - 705

Featuring Remarkable Tone and Touch!

Clavinova CVP – 700 & 800

Enjoy the finest sound and most responsive touch ever in a digital piano. The Clavinova CVP Piano Room brings unmistakable voices of the finest concert instruments – the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos. Superb playability and features like the true GH3X keyboard or Natural Wood X strike the perfect balance. You won’t believe the sound is coming from a keyboard!

Yamaha Avant Grand Piano

Experience the Touch of a Grand Piano

Clavinova CLP – 700

Combine a GrandTouch keyboard for unrivaled realism with an immersive headphone experience. All playing levels will appreciate the superior tone quality and intuitive interface the CLP offers. As the first digital piano to ever feature individual weighting on every key, a graded touch feels like that of a grand piano. It’s authenticity is optimized with a stereophonic headphone experience that is unsurpassed.

Yamaha Clavinova CSP - 170

The Most Tech You'll Find in Tunes!

Clavinova CSP – 100

Scan the songs in your smart device’s music library to make dreams come true while you save on sheet music! The Audio to Score function will produce a chord chart and piano score, while the new intuitive Stream Lights feature shows you which keys to play and when to play them. Beautiful and virtually button free, the Clavinova CSP leverages your phone or tablet to provide the most tech in tunes!

Featuring Smart Pianist - The Most Tech in Tunes!

Clavinova CSP Technology Features

Meet the Clavinova CSP 100 Series – The most tech in tunes! With this remarkable new digital piano experience, you can scan the songs in your smart device’s music library to make dreams come true. Now featuring integrated technology such as:

Sleek and Stress-Free – Move over complicated keyboard settings. The beautiful and virtually button free Clavinova CSP leverages your phone or tablet to easily control the keyboard, providing a low-tech look that everyone will love.

Light Up and Learn – Exclusive to the CSP series, the new intuitive Stream Lights feature shows you which keys to play and when to play them.

Cut the “Chords” – You’ve gone “stringless” with your digital piano, now cut the cords too! The CSP supports not only wired connection but also wireless connection via UD-WL01, Wi-Fi USB wireless LAN adaptor.

There’s an App For That – Featuring an “Audio to Score” function, the CSP Smart Pianist app can scan your music library, producing a chord chart and piano score of any song on your device.

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